18-20 August 2020 ICC, Brovarsky Avenue, 15, Kiev, Ukraine

Dimax group - profesionalnyj vibrochnik generators and garden and park technics Könner & Söhnen.

All the technics are to be prepared on the basis of the modernized modern engines of K & S and to be certified as an official logo with the serial number.
Dimax group is a professional producer of generators and garden equipment Könner & Söhnen TM.  We guarantee high quality of all components and whole product. At the same time the price for our machines is affordable for majority of customers. So, we represent generators, tillers and pumps with the best price and quality ratio! All machines comply with European and world quality standards, have the appropriate certificates, which confirm this. We produce our machines on a basis of engines, chosen among best world manufacturers, double check them and mark all engines with our K&S logo embossing as our own quality confirmation. Each engine and each machine have an individual serial number. All machines are systematically tested by multiple multilevel tests, and then disassembled and studied for defects. This allows us to monitor the quality of production and service. As a result, we have less than 1% production defects. That's why we are so proud of our generators and garden equipment!   The motto of «Könner & Söhnen» TM is TRADITIONELLE DEUTSCHE QUALITÄT, and we have all necessary resources to confirm this motto. 
We offer a wide range of models with unique technical capabilities:
  • Generators for all types of fuel (gasoline, diesel, gasoline + LPG);  
  • Generators with different standard voltages;
  • Generators with unique technical functions (built-in ATS, VTS function, multi-function LED display, preheating and much more).
  • Gasoline and electric tillers with various processing widths, full range of attachments and a wide range of engine power;
  • motor pumps for dirty and clean water, high pressure pumps.